Monday, September 10, 2007

Car Conversation

Don't you just love those deep conversations you have with your children when you are alone in the car? Well, here is how Ashley's conversation went with me today, while we are driving to Tyler's middle school.

Mom, why do all the black people stare at us?

I don't know all black people.

MOM, I mean the black people here. Why do they stare?

'Cause we're pretty.

I think they hate us.

Some people hate everybody and everything but how could they hate us if they don't know us?

Mom, did you every date a black person?

No, I didn't. I didn't grow up where there were any black people. But Ashley, there is nothing wrong with people different from us. As long as the people you choose to spend time with treat you good, they are worth having around.

Well, I know Carlos and he's Mexican and he's nice.

You should give everybody a chance.

Mom, can we buy some gum?
(She got her appliances out today for a 3 month gum chewing vacation.)

Did I handle that okay? Don't you always wonder what they really listen to and what sinks in? Does parenting get easier, less critical? Probably not. That's okay, I love being a parent. Well, gotta go to Tyler's first away football game. We a undefeated so far. Woo Hoo!