Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Good

This sealed the deal, let me explain... I just spent the weekend with my friend Happi. People do that all the time, I know but this was special. Happi and I haven't seen each other in almost 20 years and all we really know about our lives since high school has been contained in a few letters and what we've posted on blogs. We've talked about getting together for some time but never sealed the deal. Life just kept getting in the way. It almost didn't happen this time, you see days before I was to meet up with Happi I had to go to Iowa for a funeral. I was exhausted from all the family drama and may have cancelled had it not been for the "Wicked" tickets. It was set in stone. I am so thankful. First of all, I was not nervous at all about seeing her after so long. I was perplexed by this. I am a nervous person. From the moment we saw each other it was like old times.
We talked for hours, about everything. We laughed, we cried. We ate. It was a perfect weekend. I was able to see her mom and sisters, who I consider family, and meet the wonderful man that has made their family complete. Thank you Dean and Donni for opening your home to me, I felt like one of the family. Lots of laughs. I was also privileged enough to see Kari and Darci perform at church, it was beautiful. More tears. Happi and I took the train into Chicago (first for me), walked down Michigan avenue (first) and had lunch at the Lux. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!! We then hailed a cab to see the show. Oh my gosh!!! I can not think of anyone I would have rather shared that moment with. She is the person that started my love affair with performing arts. Watching her family perform, taking dance classes at her mom's studio... My friendship with Happi changed my life in so many ways. She was the light at the end of the tunnel through a lot of hard times. I truly think God put her in my life. I am so thankful. I am thankful that if we've changed (I am sure we have), we changed in the same direction. I am thankful that I can be myself, completely, without judgement and Happi accepts that. I missed that part of myself and my friend helped me find it. I love you my dear friend. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Now, I'm gonna go read your post (I promised myself I wouldn't read it till I got done with this), probably cry, then look forward to planning next year!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

As I woke up this morning at 8:45, my hubby leaned over and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. I came downstairs, took some aleve for my headache. Hubby made me a cup of my favorite hot tea. Ashley got up an hour later, came out wrapped in her quilt and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. After laying around in my nightgown for a couple of hours watching movies eating Lucky Charms, my step kids came over to bring me a card for Mother's Day. WOW!!! After Tyler came home from his dad's we met my mom at Starbucks for coffee. I got flowers and a tear jerking card from Tyler. We went to the bookstore after coffee. I love the bookstore. Then we met Chad for lunch. After lunch, I came home and took a nap. It has been my kind of day. I hope your Mother's Day has been your perfect kind of day. Happy Mother's Day!