Monday, April 6, 2009

Wrong, just wrong

What's wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING!!! Snow. In April. Seriously?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ashley's Birthday

Wow, I really didn't mean to wait until almost a week after Ashley's birthday to post this. I got caught up in some books and have done nothing but escape into another world. I needed that. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading and temporarly leaving my reality. I guess it's my drug of choice, no hangover.

Okay, on to Ashley's birthday. She decided to have a party here and invite about 15 friends, with a sleepover. WHAT!!!!????? I agreed, temporary insanity. Luckily for me, only one girl showed up for the sleepover and three other friends for the party.

Those other friends were all boys, should I be worried?

My first reaction to not having 20 people in my house was not relief. I had a ton of food. I totally underestimated the appitite of 5 eleven year olds... not much food left at all. What was left, the girls cleaned up while they stayed up till 6am.

Ashley's boyfriend brought her roses. So sweet. (My mom radar totally went off, don't get me wrong. I'm watching him!)

The next day I had to go to a funeral that completely drained me, especially after staying up ALL night. It was an especially emotional service. It was my mom's mother in law. The pastor grew up in the same neighborhood and was friends with all the kids. There were a lot of personal stories. Okay, this is sad, moving on...

When I got home, Ashley's boyfriend and Tori, the girl that slept over (scratch that, the girl that helped Ash keep me up all night) were ready to go to the movies. We went to see Monsters vs. Aliens. I would love to tell you it was a good movie but honestly, I was in a daze through most of it. The kids seemed to enjoy it. I seriously have never seen anyone go back for a popcorn refill, they did! Okay, birthday party (check), sleepover (check), movie (check), so now everyone will go home...nope. The kids stayed and stayed. I was exhausted people! I finally caught Ashley alone and told her to politely get rid of everyone so I could try to sneak in a nap. She was not happy with me but complied. Whew! Okay, enough rambling. Here are some pictures. Hope y'all had a good spring break!
Billy made sure his flowers were part of the "table scape". They really are beautiful.
Cupcake treeGrandma Zook. She is actually my son's grandma but she loves us all like family. I feel the same about her.

Tyler helping put out the sparklers. I really think he just wanted to show off in front of Ashley's friends. HA!
Me, a mom of a 14 yr. old and an 11 yr. old. Where has the time gone?