Wednesday, February 7, 2007

In memory of Mammaw

I was planning to continue my friends tribute but life has led me to this memorial. Chad's grandma died Monday. She had been very ill for a long time. The family was called in on Friday for final goodbyes. I went as a rep for our part of the family as Chad did not want to see his Grandma in that condition. I'm glad he didn't go. I respect the fact that he wanted to remember her the way she used to be. I hope the rest of his family does too. After the realization that it was her time, her children decided they were not going to let her go alone. They planned out a schedule for the remainder of her time. While this was a wonderful gesture, it wasn't until she was left alone early Monday morning that she passed. The nurse from hospice said that sometimes people want to hang on as long as there is someone with them. They feel like they are letting someone down if they go while they are with them. The funeral is today. It's sad. I feel bad for my husband's family. Just from my experience of my grandparents passing, I know the worst is not over. The days following are hard. Mother's Day will be hard. A year from now might still be hard. Sometimes things like this will tear a family apart. I pray that doesn't happen to this family.

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Happi said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Please tell Chad our prayers are with you all. Our neighbor just lost his brother after a long battle with leukemia. The funeral is tomorrow, wake tonight. I find it ironic that we both will be supporting people in their grief over the next couple days. May the Lord comfort and sustain you all.