Sunday, April 20, 2008

I feel better already

This is a pretty personal post, that's what this is for right, to get things off your chest and just talk? I have been incredibly stressed lately and my emotions are out of control. I actually broke down at work on Thursday and cried for two hours until Chad got there to calm me down. I was just alone in my thoughts and everything that has been bothering me came crashing down all at once. I have so many unresolved issues from my past. From my relationships with my parents, something that happened to when I was young, my grandmother's death and the fact that I never knew her... Just so many things that I can push to the back of my mind when I'm busy but when my mind slows down or I'm really stressed, it all comes crashing down all at once. So after my two hour crying spell, a day off work (unplanned) and a really long talk with my incredibly supportive hubby I decided to call a therapist. I had my first visit on Saturday and I feel better already. It's amazing how good it feels to know that I am on the way to feeling better. I saw a therapist after I had Ashley for post-par tum and anger issues and I should have dealt with these issues then but I was too afraid to let it all out. I have some pretty big skeletons in my closet that would shock people who think they know me. I am on the right path, I firmly believe that. I am tired of my past holding me back, of it controlling me. Wish me luck!!!


Happi said...

I'm praying for healing and strength for you on this journey. I hope we have some good quality time to chat when we're together. I'd love to hear how you are and what your sessions are helping you learn. Good for you. You're on the path to feeling better, for sure. : ) Lova ya!

Daiquiri said...

Good for you for getting some help. From personal experience, sometimes a professionals help is just...necessary. That was hard for me to accept - I'm more of a do it myself kinda girl.

Hey, I just dropped by to say thanks for visiting my blog and participating in my giveaway. Good luck!