Friday, December 22, 2006

Spread Christmas Cheer

Today I finished up my holiday shopping. I have to admit, I felt pretty stress free. BUT, almost everyone around me was grumpy and in a hurry. So, in my best holiday voice (which is not very good) I started singing whatever Christmas song was playing on the PA. I noticed a couple of people whistling along. I whistle worse than I sing! Sometimes I think the best way to spread some holiday cheer is to make sure you have some yourself. So, I wish you all more holiday cheer than you can hold inside. Share it!

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Happi said...

Kari, too funny about the popcorn thing. No, I'd forgotten that! but I'm glad to know you've passed on the tradition to your kids. That's a favorite around here! I actually asked for a "stir crazy" popcorn popper for Christmas this year! Ha!