Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2 more days

In two more days we are leaving on vacation! Woo who! We are going to Arkansas to visit my very, very good friend Jeremy. He lives in a historic town way at the bottom of the state. It's so beautiful there and there is nothing that matches southern hospitality. We always have a wonderful time when we visit because Jerm's friends and family have become ours. It's totally relaxing. The kids will ride horses, swim, go 4-wheeling, etc. Anything but watch TV. And while they are entertained with all the country has to offer, Chad and i get to just enjoy being with each other. At the end of our week, we are going to a house he's leased in northern Arkansas that is up in the mountains with a waterfall and private (fishing)pond nearby. That is where we will meet up with my dad. He lives about 4 hours north. I'm SO glad I get a chance to see my dad. He is going to be 65 this year and I always worry that our time together is limited. I probably shouldn't think that way but I do. Ever since my grandparents died, I try to treasure everyone that I love. Okay, this is going the sentimental direction and that was not my plan. Ashley's birthday is next week and I plan to do a tribute but it will not be on her birthday since I plan to leave the computer at home. We are having cake tonight for the fam here. And I still have to pack... What am I doing in blog land? I gotta go. I'll see what you've all been up to when I get back.


Happi said...

Have an awesome time...I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Enjoy!!!!

Happi said...

Hey Kari, I just got your message off my blog and would love the chance to share with you. Would you like to talk by phone sometime? Or would you feel better messaging? Either way, I'd love to talk with you. Let me know. My email is Love ya!

Happi said...

Hey kari, just wanted you to know you've been tagged at my blog for a "meme." You just do the same thing I did, only in your own words. It's a "Seven random things about me" thing. Hope all is well! Love, Happi