Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An unusual calm

Yesterday was my kids first day of school. Tyler was off to his last year of middle school at 7 am. I sent him to the bus stop and peeked now and then to make sure he was okay. (No matter how old he is, I'm always gonna be his mom.) Ashley and I walked to her school around 8:30, met her teacher and visited with teachers from the past until they called all the kids to go to their classrooms. Now my daughter was off to her last year of elementary school. I've been a little sad about these milestones for weeks. We will no longer be in elementary after this year AND next year we face the new frontier called high school. Yikes! But, as I walked home leaving Ash at school, I felt oddly calm. I felt like an accomplished mom. Like I did my job. Mission completed. How quickly that feeling fades... All it took was the kids getting out of school to ruin my feeling of accomplishment. They had more papers to sign, new school supply lists to fill by Friday and tons of energy to release. Motherhood is an emotional, energy sucking roller coaster. See you in line!


queenoftheclick said...

Your kids are adorable and pay yourself on the back because you are an accomplished Mom.

Now smile and look forward to a school year of homework!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the comment about Riley's. I checked out your blog and our situations are VERY similar. We too have 4 kids (1 his, 2 mine, and 1 ours). Our youngest is our Riley's baby.