Saturday, August 2, 2008

Are you serious, I'm only 34?

I had to go to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for a prescription refill. The kids went with me and because they weren't going to do anything "cool" (taking blood), Tyler decided to stay in the waiting room while Ashley came back with me. The nurse came in, checked my blood pressure (my issue), checked my weight (ugh) and asked if I had any other issues. I said no and out she went. The doctor came in and said my blood pressure was good (yay) but then said, "You have gained over 20 lbs since you came in last year, you really need to get that under control." He then asked if I had any other problems. At this point my lovely little 10 year old spoke up. She completely spilled the beans. In the end, he ordered some blood test to try and figure out why I'm so tired all the time and told me that I need to exercise and suggested Weight Watchers to help lose weight. So I finally got my blood test back and was asked to come to the office for the results. Not a good sign. I went in after work, scared and worried. I was then told that my vitamin D levels are low (that's why I'm tired), my cholesterol is high, my triglycerides are high and I have gout. WHAT??? I was so overwhelmed that I wanted to cry. I got some diet suggestions, a couple prescriptions and was sent out the door. I am lost. I don't even know where to begin. My diets contradict each other, gout and cholesterol. I bought some cooking magazines, looked them over and they are sitting on the ottoman. I am not motivated at all. You've all felt this, right? I need a bottle of motivation, not the cod liver oil I have to take for my vitamin D deficiency. So I am drinking my White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks searching for inspiration. Help!


Rob said...

Hi Kari-

Your certainly not alone --- and as for being only 34, take a look at the recent recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (you can get to it from a link on the site). The Pediatric community is so concerned about the levels of weight, cholesterol, metabolic syndrome (sounds like you may be verging on this--check with you M.D), that suggested that for a selected group of these kids, cholesterol-lowering medication may be appropriate at 8 years old. So, while we think of these issues as a challenge of getting old, the resulting problems and disease really are about a lifetime of lifestyle choices.

Yet, a number of therapeutic lifestyle changes can improve heallth as any age. Part of it is about how much you weigh and about how much exercises you get. Equally important is what you eat. And remember--this is a family affair--not just Mom's problem.

Happi said...


I will be praying for you as you seek out good health and work your way through the cookbooks. : ) I am sure it's overwhelming. My diet isn't going as well as I'd like and I realized this is going to be much harder than I thought. It's work, discipline, and just plain TOUGH.

Call me if you need to talk...anytime!

Love and miss you,

queenoftheclick said...

Well even though you didn't get a clean bill of health, you did find out about health problems that can be controlled and if a few months you should be feeling 100%