Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring? Hello, are you there?

I hear birds, there are buds on the tulip tree. Could Spring actually be on it's way? I hope so. I can feel it way down deep inside, the urge to shave my legs and paint my toes just in case it gets warm enough for them to come out of hiding and be exposed. I know I could find some flip flops in no time at all if necessary.

One thing that comes with Spring is Ashley's birthday. She will be 11 in a couple of weeks and I can tell times are changing. She has changed her mind at least 5 times about what she wants to do for her birthday, which does not work well for me cause I am a planner. I want to know weeks ahead of time what we are doing, who is doing it with us, etc. I need to plan what to eat and buy and how much money I need to do it all. This morning she decided maybe we should take her and a few friends down to Indianapolis to a hotel with a indoor water park. Ya, okay, I'll get right on that! Let me just pick some money off that tree out back and make the reservations. Maybe we can even get a limo to take us down so I don't have to fight traffic. (Seriously people, I am kidding. Not about what she was asking but that we would actually do it.) I understand that she wants to do something fun with her friends. I also understand the times and town that we live in. I've talked to a couple of parents who have sleep overs and end up getting guests for the weekend because parents never pick their kids up and can not be reached. Usually the kids that spend the night at our house are either related or my friends' kids. I'm a little weary of new friends that have been made this year. It took me over a year to get the little girl that came over almost daily to ask if she could stay while her mom was at the store. Oh, well her mom already left. Can anybody out there relate? One of Ashley's greatest qualities is that she is not a snob. She befriends whoever she likes regardless of what color they are or how they live. Which at times has caused something new that I bought her to end up in their possession because "they really liked it and their mom couldn't buy them one". I feel for them, I grew up on welfare and government cheese. There are days when I completely adore the fact that my daughter is so giving. But I have to admit that there are also those days that it just really ticks me off.

I'm getting off on a completely different rant that was not intended for this post, sorry.

So, two and a half weeks till Spring break and Ashley's birthday. Weather - please continue to get warmer, we've been through enough cold, I think it's time. Jeremy - if you tell me one more time it's 81 degrees in Arkansas, I might just have to stop talking to you (like I could for more than a day, but you get the point).

Welcome Spring. My arms are open, hoping my windows could be too.


Casondra said...

So, so ready for spring too.

We too, are trying to find something in Indy to do for my stepsons birthday, which happens to be during spring break, and the day of one of Breanna's post op check ups at Riley's. I never thought about the indoor water park. We were thinking the Lego's exhibit. Good luck with getting her to stick to one idea.

Kari said...

I loved your post. We're enjoying spring-like weather as well, but I won't be fooled. We've seen snow up here as late as the end of April. But . . . I'm enjoying these nice days-even if they're simply a tease. I can also appreciate your daughter's change of mind over her birthday plans. Our girls tend to start planning the next party just the day after the current birthday. On the bright side, it gives then plenty of time to weigh their options. ;-)

Holly said...

I hope you and you daughter can think of something fun to do for her birthday. Sounds like she's an awesome kid! :)

Happi said...

Great post, Kari! I am with you on the spring thing. OH LORD HAVE MERCY I am so sick of winter. Thankfully, my kids have been spending at least an hour a day outside which has been nice.

No tulips blooming yet, but OH YES, I have seen robins.

Praise Him! : )

mommieof2 said...

Thank you so much for those sweet birthday thoughts. Iam so excited that people are looking at my blog.