Monday, May 25, 2009

Empty Nest

Ashley took this picture yesterday of our guests. I don't know how they had been right outside our window and we didn't see them until they got this big. I think they look like they are about ready to leave the nest, but what do I know? I'm just glad that we are able to enjoy them for now.

Okay, I didn't see this post headed in this direction but the "bird leaving nest" thing got me to thinking. These next two weeks are huge milestones in my kids' lives. Ashley is almost done with 5th grade. No more elementary. Awards night is Thursday (our last one) and 5th Grade Brunch is Friday (our last one). Where did all the time go? It seems like yesterday we were attending Tyler's 5th Grade Brunch and I was so worried about him going to middle school. Ashley has been in her school for 7 years. Preschool, kindergarten and grades 1 thru 5. It will be sad to say goodbye to all the teachers that have helped mold my kids into the wonderful people they are. Tyler has awards during school next Tuesday and then on the last day of school, it's 8th Grade Day! That is when the 8th graders (that are not in ISS!) get to go bowling, see a movie, eat pizza, etc. and hopefully get one day uniform free! I've know some of these kids since Tyler was in 2nd grade! It's just so hard to get my head around where we are in our lives right now. I'm trying. Mental note, buy tissue for upcoming events.

Totally different subject... Ashley wants to go camping. I do not camp. (Why? Long story. Dad made us live in a bus in the woods for about 6 months. Sold everything we owned. Didn't go to school, took baths in a stream, used an outhouse...) So she asked the other day when we were at Meijer if we could buy a tent. I told her we bought a tent once and it almost sent me into therapy so we had to take it back. She laughed at me in one of those "Mom, please!" kind of tones and I told her that my main purpose in life is to not have her go to therapy as an adult because of something I did or didn't do while she is a child. She reassured me that I was doing a wonderful job but... just to make sure, I should probably take her camping. I think I just gave her tons of bargaining power!

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Happi said...

1. Bring tissue. I barely got through kindergarten graduation. Or pre-school graduation, for that matter.

2. You're an awesome mom.

3. Your comment about buying a tent sending you back to therapy made me laugh out loud!!!

Love and miss you, girl.