Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet Dakota

My nephew arrived today at 11:29 am after an unscheduled c-section. He was due June 22nd but he didn't want to wait(I tried to talk him into coming before we went on vacation. We leave Friday). Dora's water broke yesterday morning but nothing was happening so they started her on pitocin but Dakota didn't like that. His heart rate kept dropping. Dora started running a fever this morning and Dakota seemed to be under some stress so the doctor decided it would be better to just get him out of there. It all went so fast. It seemed like it was no time after my brother went back into the delivery room till he was out again holding this beautiful little baby in his arms. When I left the hospital around 3, Dakota was still on oxygen and his momma still hadn't held him. I feel for her. The first thing you want to do after hearing your baby cry is hold him. I took a video of him crying to show her. I am in awe people! He's just so darn adorable! I am taking the kids back tomorrow to see their little cousin so more pics will come.

Here is a pic of Ash after field day. I missed it to be at the hospital and I feel terrible. It was her last field day since she is moving on to Middle School next year.They had a face painter there. I think whoever it was did an awesome job!

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Happi said...

Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear more details. : ) Hope you're having a great vacation too. Miss you, friend!