Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tonight we a having Tyler's 16th birthday party. (there will be pictures) Wow!!! I have had plenty of time to try and get used to the idea that he is gonna be that old. So aside from me being an emotional mess because my little man is growing up, people are driving me crazy. There is all kinds of crazy conflict in our family. Almost everyone in our family is divorced and remarried. My mom is married to my husband's mom's ex husband. (Did you follow that? HA) So that being said, there are some uncomfortable family gatherings. I try not to invite everyone to everything. I AM sympathetic to how uncomfortable they might be. BUT all can't be in the same gigantic room at the same time? You all can't put your differences aside to be there for a young man that you all love and support? The calls started this morning with "is so and so gonna be there? Well I might not be able to come." SERIOUSLY????? Grow up. This day is never gonna come again. Ugh!

Okay, I've vented. Now I gotta pull myself together and put a smile on my face and act like none of this is bothering me. My son deserves a great day and shouldn't have to worry about any of this or know that it is bothering me.

Balloons, candles and cake,

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Casondra said...

How the b-day party was a success!!!