Sunday, June 10, 2007

Memphis Rocks!!!

Last weekend I went to Memphis with a bride-to-be, her sister and another friend for an Elvis inspired bachelorette weekend. We had SO much fun. When we arrived in Memphis after the 10 hour drive we decided to go for a quick swim in the hotel pool. As hot as we were, to pool was freezing! We then decided to go ahead and dress up in our matching bachelorette party shirts (I know, how cute!) and head downtown to Beal Street. The drive was a little scary. We had to go through some not so nice neighborhoods to arrive downtown. Beal Street was awesome! There was blues music coming from every bbq restaurant and bar. We went to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, got a free round from a local then hit the streets to shop. We met some lovely men from Australia that had been in Vietnam and were here visiting the vice president and then decided to tour this great country of ours. They wished our bride well after a long conversation and went on their way. I wanted to go into Coyote Ugly just to say I'd been there. We went, had a great time, did nothing that would jeopardize our marriages ;) and then drove back to the hotel. Enough said about that! The next day we got up earlier than planned because we were so excited about visiting Graceland. We had VIP passes, which meant that we didn't have to wait in line for anything and we got extra tours. I have never been an Elvis "fan". Not that I didn't like him, I just never was that interested. He lived an amazing life. I know he did wrong, but to look at all he accomplished at such a young age and all the public pressure he dealt with. WOW. Graceland was very impressive as were his walls of gold records and trophy room. I could go on and on. I was absolutely in awe. After we left Graceland we went back downtown to go on a "Duck Ride". We got to learn about a lot of Memphis' history. We saw the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. Again, wow. I would like to go back to Memphis and see more of their history. My husband would absolutely love all the music and food. After we got back to the hotel, we all crashed. We made record time getting home. It's always nice to come home. I had a great time with the girls and made memories that will last. BUT, I always miss my family and think about what they would like to see when I go away without them.

My friends wedding is this weekend. I wish her all the happiness in the world. I've told her that a good marriage takes work but it is SO worth it.

I'll post some pics from our weekend soon!

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Happi said...

Wow, that was a trip back in history for me. I visited memphis as part of my trip across the heartland pre-marriage, pre-kids, and memphis can be scary and wonderful all at once. So glad you had a great time. Sounds like so much fun! Just you and the it should be.