Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 years ago today... (graphic material to follow)

I was very pregnant, feeling heavy labor, eating Dairy Queen, walking at the park. In a couple of hours I will take a bath, go to bed only to be awaken by a loud sound, serious pain, and the urge to pee. I'll to the bathroom only to find my self covered in blood. Wake up Chad, go to the payphone, call an ambulance. Off to the hospital I go, off to the sitter's Tyler goes. Dilated to 10, heavy contractions, still lots of blood. Can't deliver, might cause one or both of use to die. Chad has to sign blood transfusion papers. Emergency C-section. I'm taken to the operating room, strapped down, an i.v. in inserted then I feel a hand on my throat and I'm out. To be continued...

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