Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rest in peace

My mom's mom died last night. I know she is technically my grandma but I haven't seen her since I was 13 and feel it is disrespectful to my grandma that did want me in her life to call this woman grandma. She and my mom had a horrible relationship. I do remember going to her house every time my mom and dad were getting divorced. I thank her for being a place of refuge when times at home were tough. They must have been getting along well enough then to be in the same place. My mom holds a lot of grudges against her mom to this day which is sad because she will never have closure. I think that is what I am most sad about, that I never had the chance to get to know her. I wanted to sit and talk to her at least once, show her pictures of my kids, thank her for raising my brother. My mom had a child when she was still in school and when she met my dad she left him behind. Her mom then filed for custody and from then on, my brother Todd thought she was his mom. We reconnected with him a few years ago. I know I am rambling. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. Time ran out and I am sad about that. So, Virginia Becker, thank you for taking care of Todd the best you knew how. He certainly had a better life with you than he could have had with us. Rest in peace.

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