Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When did that happen?

So, I spent my day off cleaning out my clothes. I have clothes of many different sizes and they were all together. I got tired of digging through clothes I can't wear to get find something. I decided to separate my clothes according to size so that (hopefully) as I lose weight I can go to the next smaller size without going through all my clothes again.

Okay, a little back story here... Whenever I decide I am going to lose weight I have a size in mind that I want to get to. It is by no means the size of my "ideal" weight but it is where I remember looking a certain way. And it is a size that doesn't require going to a special section of the store.

When I was separating sizes I found several pairs of jeans that were in "the" size. What? When I found the first pair, I thought maybe I bought them as inspiration and never wore them. Then as I found more, I remembered. I wore these. I was actually at the size that I always want to, at least, get to and let it slip away. Why!!!

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we work so hard to obtain something we want so badly and then just let it slip away?

I joined Weight Watchers last night. Lets see how it goes.

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